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On sale

    • Reduced price

    License to Update Maps 2022 for WindowCE and Android GPS Navigators

    €9.97 €23.97

    Have you bought a GPS on Amazon, Ebay or elsewhere?

    Do you need to update the maps in a simple, fast and constant way?

    Compatible brands

    Carrvas, Aonerex, Awesafe, XGody, Jusun, Karadar, Topsource, Fodsport, Anfilite, Katarina, Navitel, KMDrive, Oriana, Kunfine, Kenmoo, IaotuGo, Jimwey, TruckWay, Sisgo, Leruox, Igotruck, Navruf, MKsutary, Jingyi, Navpal, Mekedeteck, Hogdseirrs, Jadpes, Baceyong, Joganve, Navipro, Tamkyo, Drive-Tech, ZRYBH, Kimiss, Waqu, Meriglare, Amonida, EODUDO-S, Jorzer, Trucknav, Mttls, Jacksing, Kste, WMKD, Janefly, Boloramo, Juqingshanghang1, Changor, Runqimudai, Chiciris, Heritan, Wrench, Toogoo, Hlyjoon, Qiilu.