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Downloadable Truck GPS Navigation Software - Compatible Windows Systems Awesafe, Aonerex, Ohrex, XGody, Jusun

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With this product you download in compressed format the GPS navigation software for devices with Windows CE and receive a license. Compatible with Carrvas, Aonerex, Awesafe, XGody, Jusun, Karadar, Topsource, Fodsport, Anfilite, Katarina, Navitel, KMDrive, Oriana, Kunfine, Kenmoo, IaotuGo, Jimwey, TruckWay, Sisgo, Leruox, Igotruck, Navruf, MKsutary, Jingyi brands , Navpal, Mekedeteck, Hogdseirrs, Jadpes, Baceyong, Joganve, Navipro, Tamkyo, Drive-Tech, ZRYBH, Kimiss, Waqu, Meriglare, Amonida, EODUDO-S, Jorzer, Trucknav, Mttls, Jacksing, Kste, WMKD, Janefly, Boloramo , Juqingshanghang1, Changor, Runqimudai, Chiciris, Heritan, Wrench, Toogoo, Hlyjoon, Qiilu.



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GPS navigation software with downloadable license with valid maps for any vehicle, Truck, Bus, Motorhome, Car, Motorcycle.

With this product you can download our navigation software, a license is included with which you can constantly update your GPS without paying more for updates, you will also avoid work to find places to update or frustrating conversations with the brand where you purchased the navigator, since normally updating these brands that we narrate below is usually laborious.

*With Radars from all over Europe and specific points of interest for all vehicles. POI of companies, warehouses, loading and unloading areas, industrial estates, etc.

Lifetime map updates (up to 4 updates every year)


- GPS navigation software (Preloaded maps Europe, Russia and Morocco 2022)

- Map license

- Software for free updates.

- Installation explanatory manual

Compatible with Windows CE 4, 5, 6 GPS navigation systems

(Not compatible with vehicle brand navigation equipment)

Compatible brands

If you bought a GPS navigator on Amazon or Ebay from the brand: Carrvas, Aonerex, Awesafe, XGody, Jusun, Karadar, Topsource, Fodsport, Anfilite, Katarina, Navitel, KMDrive, Oriana, Kunfine, Kenmoo, IaotuGo, Jimwey, Ohrex, TruckWay , Sisgo, Leruox, Igotruck, Navruf, MKsutary, Jingyi, Navpal, Mekedeteck, Hogdseirrs, Jadpes, Baceyong, Joganve, Navipro, Tamkyo, Drive-Tech, ZRYBH, Kimiss, Waqu, Meriglare, Amonida, EODUDO-S, Jorzer, Trucknav , Mttls, Jacksing, Kste, WMKD, Janefly, Boloramo, Juqingshanghang1, Changor, Runqimudai, Chiciris, Heritan, Llavaderuedas, Toogoo, Hlyjoon, Qiilu. With this downloadable software you can update your GPS navigator and have a licensed version of maps with which you can download maps from all over the world: Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, South America, Asia, Africa and update them for free for life.

*Free support service for installation. If you don't know how to install it, we help you to do it


- Heavy vehicle profile (Truck, Bus, Caravan).
- Total width.
- Total length.
- Maximum height.
- Total weight.
- Load per axle.
- Speed limit.
- Number of trailers.
- Any hazardous material.
- Merchandise harmful to water.
- Fuel/Explosives.
- Helicopter mode.
- Pedestrian mode.
- Car, ambulance, motorcycle, taxi, bicycle mode.
- Search by coordinates.
- Search on the map.
- Search by zip codes.
- Search by points of interest.
- Personalized search as points of interest, example: industrial estates, companies, warehouses, markets.
- 3D view.
- Voice indications (29 languages).
- Volume adjustment.
- Automatic volume.
- Silent mode.
- Pre-installed speed cameras (depending on the map pack you choose).
- Alerts of speed restrictions.
- Itinerary planning.
- Quick calculation of new route.
- Deactivation and activation of Highways (Highways)
- Deactivation and activation of tolls
- Type of route, (short, fast and both)
- Itinerary information.
- Modification of the route.
- Demonstration of the route and planning.
- Route information.
- Recording of the tour.
- History of routes.
- Highway lock setting.
- Favorites.
- Weather information
- Finance information.
- Traffic status information.
- Internet connection status and data consumption.
- Complete database of points of interest (restaurants, hotels, gas stations...).
- Notice of points of interest.
- Clear and intelligent instructions.
- Spoken, visual, precise and clear instructions.
- Change of route colors, maneuver, menu, text.
- Change of map style.
- Day and night and automatic mode.
- Backlight adjustment.
- Screen rotation.
- Screen size (enlargement of menu texts).
- Change of menu template.
- GPS signal level.
- Change of language (Language in 23 languages).
- Change to all units of measure.
- Automatic time use.
- Automatic winter time.
- Export of navigation routes.
- Import of routes to navigation.
- Export of POIs to the device.


- Alternative routes in the creation of the route
- Road signaling panel.
- Notice of height limit on the road.
- Maximum road speed.
- Notice of weight limit on the road.
- Lane assistant.
- Route percentage.
- Direction to follow.
- Distance to the next exit.
- Current time.
- Current vehicle speed in real time.
- Way indicator.
- Detailed output indicators.
- Signaling panels.
- Road number.
- Remaining distance to destination.
- Information area.
- Tunnel indication.
- Radars.
- Buildings.
- Points of interest.


Hotels, Motels, Camping, Airports, Companies, Warehouses, Fruit Warehouses, Cargo Centers, Polygons, Rural Areas, Leisure Centers, Libraries, Museums, Performing Arts, Casinos, Amusement Park, Cinemas, Parks and Recreational Areas, Attractions Tourist, Wineries, Holiday Areas, Tourist Information Office, Pub and Discotheques, Restaurants, Public Transport, Train Stations, Tolls, Border Posts, Bus Terminals, Ferry Terminals, Metro Stations, Connection Stations, Car Parks, Cafeterias /Bars, Truck Workshops, Yacht Club, Shopping Centers, Department Stores, Wholesalers, Shops, Sports Areas, Golf Courses, Recreational Centers, Ski Slopes, Stadiums, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Educational Centers, Town Halls, Embassies and Consulates, Courts, Churches, Schools, Universities, Companies, Business Centers, Exhibition and Convention Centers, Banks, ATMs, Gas Stations, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Health Services.


Spanish, Argentine Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Bengali, Czech, Arabic, German, English, French, Canadian French, Hrvatski, Latviesu, Lietuviu kalba, Magyar, Norsk, Polski, Gujarati, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Malayalam, Marathi, Dutch, Oriya, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Viaams.


Cesky, German, Esti keel, English UK, English USA, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Hrvatski, Italian, Latviesu, Lietuviu, Magyar, Dutch, Norsk, Polski, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska , Turkish, Viaams, Greek, Arabic, Pyccknn, Ykpaihcbka, Bbnrapckn.


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