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Repair and Processing

To obtain repair service:

Access your customer account " MY ACCOUNT " and click on the " TECHNICAL SERVICE " section and log in with the store's username and password. Before continuing, please have the product and the following documentation at hand:

1 - Product serial number found on the product or on its packaging.
2 - The proof of purchase (receipt, delivery note or invoice).

Then follow the steps you will find on the TECHNICAL SERVICE page. If you consider it, Navrut will be in charge of managing the shipping costs to our address indicating the steps to follow so that you can send it at an appropriate price, the transport costs to us will be added to the cost of the repair including also the costs to your home. Before sending the product we will notify you informing of the estimated repair cost, the amount must be confirmed but keep in mind that it may change when we have received and checked the operation of the product, at that moment, if we consider an extra cost of repair, we will inform you in the same way so that you can confirm the new repair cost.

Before proceeding with a repair and shipping the product:

Make a backup of all data and delete all confidential information of your personal property stored in the product. Navrut is not responsible for damage or loss of any software, firmware or data that the customer has in the product.

If the product allows access codes to be entered, as in the case of tablets, phones, etc., disable these codes or notify them in writing.

Then wrap the product well with padding material and put it in a box according to the product so that it does not suffer blows during transport. If the product is damaged in transit due to poor packaging, we cannot guarantee that the shipping company will be responsible for the damage caused.

If the packaging is adequate and the product is received with blows due to an accident in transport or if it is lost for any reason, you will be entitled to insurance coverage. The insurance will pay the price of the product without VAT.

Once the product is repaired, you will receive a notification to choose the form of payment for the repair that you must pay by choosing the following payment methods, card, payment on delivery, bank transfer.

To access the TECHNICAL SERVICE area click HERE